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King Arthur has Fallen

Mordred has Risen to Power

You must defeat The Winter King

There have been many songs written about the beginning of that battle. The King himself led the first charge, wielding Excalibur, gleaming like fire and lightning in a storm. Alongside him rode the Queen, as a new Boudicca, leading her people to battle. But there, before us, Arthur fell by the hands of his own son, Mordred, and Excalibur shattered under his body as it crashed to the ground. We would have all died, or at least many more of us, when the sun disappeared from the sky and it became clear that we had been deceived; Queen Morgaws was alive, and there she was, master of the dark magic we had felt, Queen of Air and Darkness. And she caused and arid, burning and putrid wind that swept the battlefield, and reduced to embers the last of Camelot’s forces. That is how Bors de Ganis and Lancelot du Lac fell, as well as Queen Guinevere herself. And so would we have fallen, were it not for the appearance of the King’s other sister.

Some of us still remain in Avalon, alongside Morgana.

Some yielded and joined King Mordred.

Some simply disappeared. They died, or went into hiding, because we all know that Mordred is still looking for us. Us, the ones who survived Camlann, and the sons and daughters of the Round Table. And the druids and bards that still remember the time before, and whisper about the King of the Storm to come.

But each and every one of us… We remember.

We never forgot.

And someday…

One day, King Arthur will return.

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