“Roleplaying is easy, let’s start with that and we’ll make it our cornerstone”.

This book is for everyone. For those people who want to get started. For those who want to carry on. For those who want to crank up the intensity. For those who prefer to sit down and play. For those who like simplicity. For those who like complexity. For those who haven’t read the manuals. For those who have read all of them. To help you to play just as you want. This book is for everyone.

The pages of this book reveal the extensive experience of its author, Sirio Sesenra, allowing you to enjoy stress-free, uncomplicated gameplay. It’s for players. And also for gamemasters. Or simply for people to reflect upon. And the information is delivered in a way that is personable, easy-to-follow, clear, concise and understanding.

How does he do it?


“The first rule is: believe in all this crazy shit. The second rule: make others believe it”.

The techniques consist of methods for dealing with different situations, so that you can get others to see things and experience them just as you do. So you can take them by the hand and help them to take you by yours.


“This book will not teach you to ‘play better’, it will just offer you tricks and tips for enriching your arsenal of roleplaying resources”.

It’s all about the author’s subjective viewpoint, understanding his vision rather than a selection of specific tools for precise moments.


“For us, a roleplaying trick is a kind of ruse or a skill that we employ as a means to an end: to increase the fun”.

For years, Sirio Sesenra has been using these gems, which, with little effort or preparation, will help you take your roleplaying a step further, making your descriptions shine brighter and your gaming moments more memorable. Are you about to miss out on this?

“I just open my toolbox, show what’s inside and share how I use some of these tools in my roleplaying games”.

Sirio Sesenra defines himself as a father, a husband and a roleplayer. He began his audiovisual journey with the launch of his own YouTube roleplaying channel, with interviews, gaming footage, thoughts and advice. He stands out as one of the most passionate and active roleplayers in the online community, but his work as a communicator does not end here; for three years he has been involved in the radio programme Rol Fiction, where his analysis and tricks are highly valued. On his blog, Las Semillas de Cao Cao, he has posted articles, systems, mechanics, dynamics and techniques, as well as several of his adventures and games, all for free.

His extensive experience as a roleplaying game communicator has seen him interviewed by the best channels in the business as well as being invited to speak at conferences on gaming and gamification techniques, such as the 1st Alea Jacta Est Congress, sponsored by the Rey Juan Carlos University and the Ministry of Science, Universities and Innovation of the Community of Madrid.

He has recently published a successful horror adventure, Wamatse, for Cthulhu d100, and the eagerly awaited science fiction roleplaying game, Robotta, Lost Humanity, which has its own system.

Technical Information:

· Hardback.

· 17 x 24 cm.

Author: Sirio Sesenra.

Ilustrator: Andrés Sáez, «Marlock».


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