Raven RPG Core Book


A Gothic Horror and Cursed Magic role-playing game inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and created by Daniel P. Espinosa. Includes:

  • US letter hardcover book
  • Full color interior
  • More than 260 pages
  • Free PDF


Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Raven transports you to an evocative and dangerous fictional world of gothic horror and cursed magic. The precise design of the Maelstrom game system allows you to live your own games steeped in the mystery, curses, passions, despairs, and longings of E. A. Poe-style stories.

Set in a fictional world centered in the ancient aristocratic city of Raven, that bears a certain resemblance to 19th-century North America. Its streets are shrouded in an eternal mist and plagued by specters. The city of Raven is a great mystery itself, harboring many secrets that date back to its founding… and before. Raven is essentially a game about…

  • Dark stories and ghosts, providing players with a classic horror setting of haunted mansions, fascinations with specters and curses from beyond the grave, all accompanied by Poe’s poetic and sinister tone.
  • Hidden mysteries and cursed ruins that harbor the long-forgotten history of Raven — the eerie Lodge and its destruction, the curse of the mist, the sinister protector Order and what it is hiding, your family, its doomed blood inheritance, and your sinister mansion full of secrets.
  • Ancient Conspiracies  that are very much alive and are threatening to destroy the city, the Order and your family, the Corvus family.


Technical aspects
  • US letter hardcover book
  • Full color interior
  • More than 260 pages
  • Free PDF
  • Author: Daniel P. Espinosa
  • Illustrators: Andrés Sáez, «Marlock» and Abigail Larsson.
  • Game system: Maelstrom.

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