Tenebrous Cats and Forgotten Tombstones


A physical compendium for Raven with new scenarios and Corvus characters. Includes:

  • US letter hardcover book
  • Full color interior
  • More than 260 pages
  • Free PDF


This volume is the first scenario compilation for Raven, a roleplaying game of Gothic horror and cursed magic inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe, created by Daniel P. Espinosa.

It includes eight self-conclusive adventures ready to play, in which you will find yourself facing spectral beings, impossible loves, tragedy, mystery, terror, conspiracies and even murder:

  • “When Your Dead Fingers Brush Against Me”: a story of ghosts, revenge and secrets from the past.
  • “Soul Echoes”: an emotional, intimate and dark story, ideal to get started in Raven.
  • “My Sweet Death You Sinisterly Forgot”: an intense scenario with a relentless countdown.
  • “What Whispers in My Grave”: designed to be played in several sessions, with an atmosphere of terror and growing threat.
  • “The Cat that Smells of Mist”: ideal for exploring one of Raven’s most unknown secrets: cats.
  • “I Feel Your Love in Your Distant Death”: obsession and loss paint this short, beautiful and sad scenario, in which the characters must fight for their survival.
  • “Old Love for an Old Cat”: an intense one-shot scenario focused on horror.
  • “Your Murky Reflection in Your Murky Heart”: a scenario to delve into Raven’s background and discover the past of the Corvus family.


Technical aspects
  • US letter hardcover book
  • Full color interior
  • More than 260 pages
  • Free PDF
  • Authors: Daniel P. Espinosa, David Martín
  • Illustrators: Andrés Sáez, «Marlock»
  • Game system: Maelstrom

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