What is NOT Raven

Normally, we use to take our time and pay an effort to define properly things -books, films, music… However, sometimes is more worthy to define something by telling what it is NOT.

Let see…

Raven is NOT another D&D setting. Raven RPG is a complete brand new role-playing game in a new world inpired by Poe’s work.

Raven is NOT another Raveloft-like setting. Raven RPG has its own background and soul, writen by Poe lovers.

Raven is NOT another not-so-new 5E SRD game. Raven RPG has its own game system. It has been designed specially to ensure a dark and gothic experience through pushing the story of your playgame with significative rolls.

Raven is NOT a zine nor a storytelling game. Raven RPG is a complete corebook that includes all information you need to play and create you own adventures.

Raven is NOT a single book campaign. Raven is a live game line that will include adventures, supplements and more!

Have you got any question? Stay with us and know more details. What will be next?

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    • No, Raven is not a solo game, it needs a player as a Tenebrouse voice and another player to form the Corvus family.


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