What is Raven?

Raven is a role-playing game of gothic horror inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe. But is more than that.

Raven is also a place: a misterious city in a fictional world slightly similar to the American 19th century. The city of Raven looks like an old aristocratic city whose streets are shrouded in an eternal mist plagued by specters. A sinister magical Order tries to protect Raven hiding dangerous secrets from the time of the founding of the city… and even before.

Raven is a great mystery itself. An old curse worsens with every step you take on it. That is the reason why the Order watches you. You are dangerous to everyone else, even if you don’t know it. It is because the origin of you and your family, the Corvus (the player characters): everyone in your lineage wear the cursed magic’s mark their souls.

Aristocratic characters and their obsessions, the Corvus manor, forbidden cursed magic, a city full of dark places, the remains of an ancient Lodge that brought the curse to the city and to your family, ravens from the Other Side that watch over you behind the windows of your gloomy mansion, spectres…

Suming up, Raven is a game of gothic and dark stories. Live your own horror stories of cursed mansions, tainted love and obsessions, treacherous places, old conspiracies, forbidden knowledge, specters and damnation beyond the grave… everything with the poetic and sinister tone of Poe.

Do you dare to predict what Raven is on the inside? Tell us!

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